Tables to Find the BW Report and Query ID from Role Menu

When a BW report is assigned to the role, the actual query ID is not shown in the role menu. Even if you right-click to view technical details of the specific report, it will not show the query ID for the BW report.

To find the query ID of all reports assigned to a specific role or all roles in the BW system, you can find it joining two tables via SE16.

AGR_HIER – Table for Structure Information for Menu
RSRREPDIR – Directory of all reports

AGR_HIER Table Fields:
AGR_NAME – Role Name
SAP_GUID – Unique ID – 32 Characters

RSRREPDIR Table Fields:
GENUNIID – Internal display of the report identifier
COMPID – Name (ID) of reporting component

Join tables AGR_HIER and RSRREPDIR

Join the tables on the SAP_GUID and GENUNIID fields to obtain all the query IDs for all reports assigned a role.

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