SAP Security 101 Transaction List

Below are some common SAP Security transactions you may find helpful especially if you are new to SAP security:


Transaction Code Purpose
SU01 To create and maintain the users.
SU01D To Display Users
SU10 For mass maintenance.
SU03 For Manual creation of authorization.
SU3 For setting Address and default parameters.
PFCG For maintaining role using profile generator.
PFUD For Comparing User master in Dialog.
SUPC For generation of Mass profile.
SU24 For Maintaining Check Indicators and for Maintaining templates.
SU20 Lists down the authorization fields.
SU21 Lists the Object classes and authorization objects.
SM01 For locking the transaction from execution.
SM19 Security audit – configuration.
SM20 Security audit – reporting.
SCCL For Local Client Copy on same system between different clients.
STMS Transport Management System
RZ10 Profile configuration
RZ11 Maintain profile parameters
SU53 To display last authority check that failed
SU56 Display User buffer
SECR Audit Information System
ST01 System Trace
SUGR Maintain User groups
SUIM User Information System
SM59 Display/Maintain RFC Destinations
SM35 Batch Input Monitoring
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