Restrict Bank Information in MK02 and MK03

How can you hide and block bank information within SAP transactions MK02 and MK03?

If all users who use MK02 or MK03 are to be blocked access to view or change bank information within the “Payment Transactions” screen, this can be restricted through configuration. Current standard SAP authorization checks do not allow for restricting specific “check boxes” within MK02 and MK03. It only restricts based on the groupings of these check boxes: general data, purchasing data, company code data, etc.

To restrict all users from viewing bank information, have your functional team member use transaction OB23 to modify your field status groups and suppress the bank information. You restrict it to display only or hide it entirely. Configuration changes made will be specific to the transactions. For example, modifying change vendor (purchasing), MK02, will not affect MK03 nor the XK transactions (XK01, XK02, XK03) and FK transactions (FK01, FK02, FK03).

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