Security Tables

Below are useful Security Tables:



Description Notes
AGR_1016 Role
and Profile
AGR_1016B Role and Profile  
AGR_1250 Role and
Authorization data
AGR_1251 Role Object,
Authorization, Field and Value
AGR_1252 Organizational
elements for authorizations
AGR_AGRS Roles in Composite
AGR_DEFINE To See All Roles
(Role definition)
AGR_HIER2 Menu structure
information – Customer vers
AGR_HIERT Role menu texts  
AGR_OBJ Assignment of Menu
Nodes to Role
AGR_PROF Profile name for
AGR_TCDTXT Assignment of roles
to Tcodes
AGR_TCODES Assignment of roles
to Tcodes
AGR_TEXTS File Structure for
Hierarchical Menu – Cus
AGR_TIME Time Stamp for
Role: Including profile
AGR_USERS Assignment of roles
to users
DD02L SAP Tables  
DD02T  R/3 DD- SAP table texts  
DD03L Table Fields  
DD04T Data element texts  
TSTC  SAP Transaction Codes  
TSTCA Transaction Code,
Object, Field and Value
TSTCT Transaction Code Texts  
USER_ADDR Address Data for
USGRP User groups  
USGRPT Text table for
USH02 Change history for
logon data
USOBT Relation
transaction to authorization object (SAP)
USOBT_C Relation
Transaction to Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX Check table for
table USOBT
USOBX_C Check Table for
USOBXFLAGS Temporary table for
storing USOBX/T* chang
USR01 User Master
(runtime data)
USR02 Users Data (logon
USR03 User address data  
USR04 User master
authorization (one row per user)
USR05  User Master Parameter ID  
USR06 Additional Data per User  
USR10 Authorisation
profiles (i.e. &_SAP_ALL)
USR11 Text for
authorisation profiles
USR12 Authorisation
USR13 Short text for
USR40 Table for illegal
UST04 User profiles
(multiple rows per user)
UST10C Composit profiles
(i.e. profile has sub profile)

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